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2019 ERE Recruiting Intelligence
Look Who’s Writing Job Descriptions at This Company

Job-description writing can involve managers, recruiters — even, in some cases, a departing employee, describing what they did on the job for the person who might replace them.  For one company, it has someone else involved in job-descriptions — the new employee. Actually, not just the new employee; in some cases even the job candidate writes the description of the job they may get...

2019 Harvard Business Review Article
The “Two Weeks’ Notice” Approach to Changing Jobs Is Bad for Companies and Employees

There’s a much-touted refrain that employees leave managers, not companies. While that sentiment certainly holds truth, today’s reality is that job-hopping, even career-hopping, has become the norm for a younger generation of workers — even for those with good managers...

2019-07-17 08_29_22-How Fear Can Make Yo
2019 Predictive ROI
How Fear Can Make You a Great Business Owner

Start your day off right with some motivation from Innovative Solutions CEO, Justin Copie. Listen in and learn what Justin means when he says fear is like a muscle and how understanding this premise can make you a great business owner!

2019-07-17 08_29_56-HOW TO BUILD A ROCK
2019 Predictive ROI
How to Build a Rock Solid Awesome Culture

Get your copy of the How To Build A Rock Solid Awesome Culture eBook.   This is a great starting resource on how to build an amazing culture in your business to help it thrive.