2018 RBJ Article
Innovative Solutions Owner Takes Unorthodox Approach to Management

Many IT companies stick to the beaten path when it comes to growing and developing their business. But Innovative Solutions’ owner and CEO Justin Copie has a vision for the company that is just that: Innovative...

2017 RBJ Article
A Bold Approach

What is one way to retain your employees and grow your company? Tell them to look for another job.  That is what CEO Justin Copie and the management team of Innovative Solutions did last year to shake up the 28-year-old information technology company...

2017 D&C Article
Small Business Spotlight: Innovative Solutions

“Culture” is more than just a workplace buzzword at Innovative Solutions.  The Brighton-based IT company emphasizes the concept, to the point of creating a position of “director of culture.” Channeling his inner Willy Wonka, Innovative CEO Justin Copie shared the company’s “Golden Ticket,” which lists “golden rules” like “biography is not destiny.”...

2016 RBJ Article
Long Time Staffer Becomes CEO 

Justin Copie became CEO of Innovative Solutions on January 1st, replacing Bob Titus, who was in the role for 19 years. Copie, 33, also bought full ownership of the company, as of April 22, from Titus...